Created Aug 04, 2008

Elise Warner

Exec. Producer, more

Elise Warner is the Executive Producer of MSNBC's "Lockup" series. In addition, she is a Senior Producer and the Director of Development for MSNBC Documentaries.

Elise has been with MSNBC since 1998 and currently works primarily as the Executive Producer of the "Lockup" series which includes "Lockup," "Lockup: Extended Stay," "Lockup: Raw," "Lockup World Tour" and "Life After Lockup." In addition Elise is a Senior Producer on the Documentary team where she has oversees documentary series as well as films including, the award-winning "Dear Zachary," "Witch Hunt," "Mind Over Mania," and "House of Suh." Elise also serves as the Director of Development for the longform/documentary group engaging with independent producers and filmmakers on future projects to bring exceptional, narratives to the channel that offer viewers a look inside worlds they might not otherwise see.

Prior to her decade in documentary work, Elise spent nearly ten years working as a live news Producer/Senior Producer at MSNBC and WNBC. Her career began as a Producer/Reporter/Anchor in Columbia, Mo. and Syracuse.

Elise has a Bachelor's Degree in American Government from Cornell University and a Masters in Broadcast Journalism from the University of Missouri School of Journalism.


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